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Larimar Elixir

Larimar Elixir

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Larimar Elixir is designed for faces in need of a gentle, soothing touch. These luscious blue drops calm redness or sensitivity, and deeply moisturize to impart a smooth glow to the face. A few drops of this oil can be added to foundation for an ethereal glow.


Blue Tansy

Vivid Blue Tansy essential oil lends Larimar its signature blue color. The deep cerulean hue of this oil speaks to the strong inflammation fighting and calming powers of its active components, Azulene and Chamazulene. Blue Tansy is among the best natural cures for redness, irritation, or inflammation.


Luscious and moisturizing Squalane made from olives is a quick absorbing, deeply penetrating oil that leaves a feather-light finish on the skin. As we age, the Squalane naturally produced by our skin diminishes. As a result, skin appears dry and aged. Our elixir uses Squalane as our base oil, replenishing your stores of this youth-giving substance. Unlike many other partially saturated base oils widely used, this completely saturated oil is not susceptible to free radical attack, and will not cause a potentially aging effect on the skin.

 *Ingredients* Squalane (Olive source) (Camellia) Seed Oil(Jojoba) Seed Oil(Fractionated Coconut Oil),  (Blue Tansy) Oil, (Jasmine) Extract, (Non GMO Vitamin E) 

*Direction* Cleanse face and place 3-4 drops of oil onto your palm. Use fingers to gently massage oil onto slightly wet skin. Larimar Elixir can be used both day and night for lightweight yet deeply penetrating moisture.

*Separation of ingredients is natural because we do not use harmful chemical stabilizers. If this occurs, shake bottle gently before use.