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Taste the Rainbow Mani Mochi

Taste the Rainbow Mani Mochi

$ 2.25

Taste the Rainbow Mani Mochi is a solid handmade mani scrub scented with fresh citrus notes of lime and orange. With a luscious blend of  black berries and cherries. Mani mochi scrubs are loaded with olive and coconut oil, butters, salt, sugar, kaolin clay and gentle cleansers. 

 One solid mani mochi scrub is 1.00-1.10 oz, can be used to exfoliate the hands 2-3 times a week. A little goes along way!

To Use: Cut your mani scrubs into 2-3  equally sized pieces and then decide which one you wish to use on your hands first. After you have gotten your hands wet under the running water, gently rub the mani mochi all over your hands and watch it smear into a wonderful smooth paste all over hands. Once you have exfoliated your hands rinse well, dry and add a light hand cream.